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Pilot testing of automatic translation in FAO.org

At the latest FAO Conference in June 2013, the member countries requested FAO to further examine the use of automatic translation in FAO.org as a tool to offer “indicative” translations into non-Latin languages where the relevant webpages do not exist.

As a result, the Organization is implementing a widget for automated gist translations in Arabic, Chinese and Russian in FAO.org. This widget will be used to help web visitors to understand the content and provide their feedback regarding the quality of the automatic translation and the need for human translation of selected web content from the FAO web site, de-facto also giving more language coverage in Arabic, Chinese, and Russian where the webpages are not yet translated into these languages. The widget will work as an automatic translator of webpages and PDF documents.

Below is the list of prototype websites that can be tested.

The translation  widget is also available on certain selected live sites:


Recently FAO developed a similar widget for the automated translations in Japanese, inorder to cover and represent the content produced by the Organization for the Japanese audience.

The translation widget in Japanese is available on certain selected live sites:


Please provide your feedback in the rating system including in the webpages above.

For more information, and for further comments please contact us at [email protected]